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Saturday, February 7, 2015

One project onto next!

So in between being sick with this dumb cold/flu...whatever it is!!!  I did manage to finish my Valentine fiber cards!!  Whew!!!

 I found on Etsy a downloadable Alice in Wonderful playing card pages and purchased the set (I think they were a $1.99 or .99 cents!  I was ill at the time so who knows!)....anyway, they were my main inspiration for this year's cards.  Nothing that interesting but I wanted to get away from the traditional 'heart' theme..why you is Valentine's Day after all...I don't know...I get bored I digress.....

I started off several weeks ago pulling out the paints and making up some stamps for the background fabric.  I think I did show this on a previous post...

Next up I quilted all the painted fabric...

Then came the setting up four cards on a page to be printed onto fabric; then I fused each printed fabric page;  cut out each card, fused onto quilted background(s); then stitched by machine around each card and inside the design to make sure the bugger would make it through the mail..which is another story!
Then I did some small zentangle/doodling on the hearts and added french knots around each tangled heart.

In this picture you can see the roll of Pellon as well as the fused/quilted cards waiting to be layered with the Pellon.  But first I had to print out  my postcard labels.  I like to use Sulky Totally Stable, which I color with Artist Pastels then I brush on water to color the entire piece.  I needed 15 sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" sheets to print out labels (2 per page).
TMI??  Well, I like to document my process because it helps when I do this project again!!  Don't cha know!

OK, so then I cut each quilted Valentine to size (5" x 7") then layered the Pellon (cut same size) and ironed on my Sulky Stable label...cutting off excess.   Next up is to stitch around each edge...I use zig zag stitch but set my stitch length to around 1/2-3/4 and set the width to 3.  This gives a nice clean edge and holds all the layers together well.

WooHoo!!!  All 27 were finished on Thursday night!  We went out to eat with the gang (delicious meal at Pavarotti's!  But that's another post!) on Thursday so when we got home Bob watched Michigan basketball he taped and I finished the fiber cards!

Now my story at the post office...back home I always take any fiber card I'm mailing to the post office folks just to make sure it's still the correct size for a 'letter' stamp (40 some cents, right?), which they say "yep, just needs a letter stamp" yesterday I stopped at the post office to purchase 27 stamps...they tell me it costs 70 cents to mail each card.  WHAT?  hmmmmmm  Now my friends here in Florida have told me at times they have a postage due...but I've never had anyone else tell me that...maybe I need to start asking!!!

Oh, and just for know how folks are always asking 'we' quilters "how long did it take you to make 'that'?"  Well, I did keep track for the most part and with the painting, quilting, fusing, printing, stitching, yada took approximately 45 min. for each card which equates to about 20 hours.   OK, I make the cards because I like to keep busy...but really I do it because I enjoy sharing a little of my heart with my friends!  Hope they enjoy their Valentine this year!!

And look...a clean table all ready for the next project!!


  1. GREAT job!!! Hope you've finally kicked the flu bug!!!

  2. Robbie Dear you are amazing and the work you put into all the details are what proves you care about what you are creating for your friends. The Post Office is not at all consistant. I paid 91 cents to mail a simple card with ATC and it arrived torn to shreds and the ATC missing. So much for paying extra for "hand canceling". Your fiber post cards are beyond beautiful and Creative Bliss. Hope you are feeling good as new very soon.

  3. The Alice images- love them! Etsy is another dangerous place like Pinterest for me. I enjoyed seeing your process, and am amazed at the number of steps involved, and the number of products from fusible to stabilizer. Aren't we just so blessed to have access to all these to accomplish our creative goals? Your cards are beautiful. Your PO experience... hmmmm. They do seem to differ.

  4. Hi Robbie. Thanks for sharing your process. I have always enjoyed seeing your mail art. Do you slide them in plastic when you mail them? Glad you are feeling better. Must be the FL sun that baked out the flu bug!
    xx, Carol

  5. I didn't have to pat anything for the one you sent me last year. That's weird.


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