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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Too many ideas!!

I pulled out some of my old hexes I had leftover from my Horse Hex piece...I'm thinking of making a background of different size hexes then fusing the horse I cut out from my original Horse Hex ontop of the hex background...just the reverse from my first 'horse'.

Only problem, I need to get the right colors of yellow/browns since I used all the fabric when I originally made the hex horse.  Hmmmmmm  Some of the original fabric I used was from a screen printed piece I did several years ago.  I might have to resort back to trying to match the colors by dyeing and screen printing.  Or maybe I'll just see when my Q Buddy is free and we can go on a fabric run!!!

I just can't sit and watch TV without 'doing something'...yes, I can read blogs in my blog list or research on the net  but I feel that's wasting time vs accomplishing something.  So I started to make some more rings for myself!

I finished the brown one yesterday and started the black one today.  I have some metallic rings I've made that are wearing out, which I knew the metallic shine would wear out over time.  I do need a black ring but I wanted some silver or color in it.  I think  just  two rows of silver will be enough.

Back to sorting though more future projects in my mind!!!!!  I did draw out an idea for another reverse applique piece.  This was from a Dover book Susan had lent me that I enlarged.   But I am going to have to wait until we get back home.  I want to do all the colors from the color wheel (well, that's my idea right now!) and since I don't have all the fabrics here I'm not going to buy them.  This project will wait...but I think it will work out good for Susan's reverse applique technique.
Maybe I need a dog walk to clear my head!!


  1. I like the background fabric in the horse shape. And the Dover design looks fascinating... and complex!

  2. Of course since I'm SO stuck on hexies right now, I LOVE the "old" horse and the "new" background idea. I'm always looking forward to seeing what your end products look like.

  3. I don't know how I get so behind...I must be the one wasting time on computer stuff! You always have such wonderful ideas. Lovely little beaded rings and how fun to make them to match every occasion and outfit. Creative Bliss Dear...


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