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Monday, February 2, 2015

A little 'structure'!

In between coughing, I finished my 'structure' piece for the online Art Quilts Around the World challenge!  It is simplistic but I was inspired by Paul Klee whose work I really like.  I think he has lots of 'structure' to his pieces, hence, my inspiration.
I actually started this background several years ago after watching an English Piecing technique on Design Matters TV demo'd by Laura Kemshall.  I love any form of hand work so this was right up my alley!   You can see my design and progress here (you need to scroll down in the post past Bob's hip surgery info!).  

This is the back of my piece before I removed the paper.  Each piece was hand stitched using the English paper piecing technique.

When the structure challenge was announced, I thought of that background piece based on Paul Klee and packed it up to bring with me to Florida to work on.  These were some of Paul Klee's pieces that were my inspiration.

Having holiday planning, entertainment, packing to head south for the winter then coming down with a cold/flu put me behind. Our challenge was due 1/31 and this is the first time I missed the target date!  But that's's finished now!  And I get to start planning in my mind our next piece!!  But I have to get working on my Valentine fiber cards!  Yikes!  Always something isn't it!

Here are some detail shots of my hand stitching.  I used hand dyes, commercial and silk duponi fabrics; Madeira  threads (Lana and Decor) for the hand stitching.  


  1. I love handwork, especially decorative stitching. Gorgeous piece, is it part of a larger project?

  2. You truly hit the design challange with a home run.....great piece.....and of course the hand stitching is fabulous....

  3. Your handwork is stunning on this pieced fabric with its rich jewel tones of fabrics and colors. Divine Dear...
    I do hope you are beginning to feel better.

  4. Beautiful details and hand work! You really got slammed with the cold that was going around. So sorry you missed your target date- you've worked hard and long on this piece. And yet the joy is in the creating. As always, beautiful work. Hope you feel better very soon.

  5. Absolutely lovely. The hand stitching is wonderful. I can totally see the influence of Paul Klee.

  6. Love the colors you used. The handwork just sings!


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