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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Now I just hope I remember how lucky I am!

Yes, I am a lucky lady!!  Lucky to have friends close to where I live and lucky to have some great blog friends!  Such as, Sherry, from Createology!   Sherry is a multi talented lady who is always creating new and interesting items...mainly for her friends...and even for those blog friends she's never met!  I have been gifted several times by Sherry and treasure each and every one she has sent me (all the way from California!).  Anyway, look what she made and gifted me!!!

I love it!  And I can sure use this card holder/purse!  It's perfect to carry my library card, Panera card and other non credit cards!

You can see the different fabrics where you'll store your cards!  THANK YOU SO MUCH, SHERRY!!!!  I just love are one special lady and I'm so lucky to call you my Blog BFF!!

Now I hope I remember a year from now (maybe a week from now!) who gave this to me!  Yesterday I was cleaning up my room to pack and had one of my folder/envelopes that I was going to take a picture of to post today...well, I went downstairs to my workroom, carrying the folder/envelope and do you think I can find the bugger today!  I remember "putting it away" but I just don't remember where I put it!!!

I have looked high and low and it's driving me crazy.  I have been in my workroom 3 times looking for it!!

 I notice I'm doing this more and more lately.  I'm so good about putting things "back where they belong" but lately it seems I'm not always doing that and end up hunting for something.  I keep changing where I put something and then I can't remember my new place.
I will find that folder/envelope...someday!!!  UGH....anyway, here are shots of my sewing area with items all packed up and ready for the car and trip to Florida!

I looks like a lot but you don't know how much I have cut back...this all fits on the floor in the back seat area.

I'm never sure exactly what I'm going to work on and I don't want to have to buy something I already have!

All the items here sit on top of some of the boxes and bins above.  I use a lot of space saver bags for Bob's sweaters, pants and shorts so they go on the seat to raise Kalee and Grace's crates for them to see out the windows better!

Have to keep our animal kids happy too!

Friday I'm getting the kids to have for the weekend.  I have sugar cookie batter in frig so I'll bake those tonight then freeze them so kids can decorate cookies on Saturday.  Not sure what else we'll do but it will be nice to be around the kids for a day or two!!


  1. You are sew very welcome! I adore your inspiration in all you do. Safe travels to your home away from home.

  2. Is Sherry looking for more friends???

  3. Nice!! And how organized you are- I'm sure the checklist remains the same from year to year so once you have the system in place... But still, it's a lot of packing. phew. And keep those kids happy.


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