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Thursday, December 18, 2014

I found it!

Whew!  I mentioned in my post yesterday (or the day before??) that I couldn't find one of the folder envelopes I made...I found it!!  In my computer room, in my file box!  WHAT?  WHY???  Geezzz  Guess I shouldn't even put that in might come back to haunt me!  Anyway, here's another one of my folder/envelopes.    This one I didn't decorate in Christmas wrapping.  It's an 'every' season type!

Right now it is storing some of my pieces of papers/etc. that I use when I make these. The open area in the picture above is where you would place the mailing address.

This is the back and if you very astitute! you will notice I glued items upside down!  Doesn't matter but this is what I referred to in my post about orientation/placement of your scraps.

Something else I did different on some of my envelopes.  I kept the file folder flap!  You can see the top of my return address in this picture.  Once I place items in this envelope, I would stitch across in a straight line leaving the flap as is.

Make sense?  Play with making these...they are fun.


  1. Good thing....cause if you are anything like'd totally bug me till I did.

  2. Glad you found your files. They are very artful and fun. I think I shall make some after the the Winter doldrums. Creative Folder Bliss...


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