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Monday, December 22, 2014

Some art work to see over the holidays!

So if you're in the area (that's my area of the world!) and you're looking for some art inspiration check out these two exhibits!  I've blogged about my friend, Lois Ann, who is part of our monthly Aussome Study group.  In fact, I recently blogged about her & our group in this post here.  Well, LA is the feature artist by the Grand Blanc Art Council now through February.
Her art work is being displayed on the second floor of the Genesys Health Park.  This is a real treat to get to see Lois Ann's work as she is finally starting to show her work to the public!

Or if you in the Brighton area or are looking for a day trip, head out to the Brighton Library to see our Inspired by the Master's exhibit.  This exhibit will be shown until January 4th so you might want to head there first!  (Lois Ann's exhibit is up through the end of February.).    You'll see the artwork we've created based on Klimt, Hunderwasser, VanGogh and others.  In fact, this next picture is one of Lois Ann's pieces she did based on Van Gogh that is in the exhibit!

This is the last time this exhibit will be shown as it's time to retire it!  We're starting on a whole new exhibit based on other master artists and hope that exhibit will be ready to travel late spring or early summer.
I've packed, or should I say filled, some space saver bags but will finish up on Friday.  Not much more to do other than pack our clothes and the car on Friday.  We're usually finished by early afternoon.  I guess after 11 years we have this 'snow bird' thing down pat!

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