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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winding down

Yep, I am winding down.  Today I shipped off my last snap bag!  I've shown my snap bags before on my blog so won't bore you with more pics. They are fun to make and more fun to give!!
Shipping the little buggers can be tricky....they're too small to put in a box..too big for a regular few years ago I saw on some one's blog how to make a large envelope from a file folder.  Sorry, don't remember who and I didn't see any pics on my blog....anyway, here is the process, in case you need an envelope for that special gift.  I've made several and they make up quickly!  And I think folks enjoy getting them in the mail!

First you cut a file folder to the size you want..which can be long and skinny or short and fat!

Then gather up those old Christmas cards and scraps of wrapping paper you were going to throw out but just knew you could use for something!

These are just a few of my scraps!!!

Next, cut up your cards and paper and start gluing to the folder, keeping in mind the orientation for the front and back!

I should have turned this picture...but you get the idea...this is the front.  I just leave an opening for the address.

This is the back of the envelope.   Once your glue is dry (I use scrapbooking glue) then you can stitch away!  I like to stitch around each piece of paper or card I've glued onto the folder.

When you are finished stitching, insert your gift and then stitch away again!  You only have three sides to stitch as the bottom is the fold...make sense?

I usually stitch one and half sides then put in my gift, then stitch the rest of the opening closed.

Now how does the recipient get into their package, you say?  Just unstitch the top or's called "unsewing"...yea, they have to work for it but.......

This is the back...the pic above is the front but I had to cover the address! All sewn up and actually already in the mail with the rest of them!!

Easy, right!!


  1. Love these! Yours turned out so festive and fun. It might have been Roben-Marie Smith where you saw these. She does some tutorials on them, and her work is just so appealing. I finally got a post up- yay! Will try to make it a point to get down to see you and Kalee this winter.

  2. Hey Robbie.....what a great idea....tx's for sharing!

  3. Those are really nice. I may have to use this idea to send gifts to my neices. I think they'd like them for sure.

  4. Beautiful artsy envelope. I have made these and love how they turn out. I have also covered file folders with fabric and mailed them this way. The envelope is part of the gift! Merry Christmas Blessings with Peace and Joy for all of 2015...


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