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Friday, December 26, 2014

the stockings are hung....

Wait...that was a week ago!  The stockings, Christmas tree and decorations are all put away!!!  But this is what our room looked like earlier today!!
And if you are on FB, you will get a count of how many shirts, shorts and pants my hubby takes to Florida!  These pictures are of all his clothes being packed!
 Actually, we had the car all packed by 3 this afternoon!  I finished the back seat before dinner getting space saver bags in position for Kalee's crate and Gracie's carrier.
Of course Kalee is feeling neglected!  She is playing with her toy Nick and Amber got her for Christmas... After this she grabbed one of my shoes, which she doesn't usually do.  I did take her for a walk, since it was 47 and sunny out...more like a fall day vs the 26th of December!
So my next post should be from down south!!  We are hoping for light traffic tomorrow and hoping to get to the hotel on Sunday by 4:30 so we can watch the Lions beat the Packers!!  Sorry, Mary!!!!  I honestly don't expect the Lions to win but I will certainly cheer them on!!!
So until I feel a lot of sun on my face, I will close with good wishes for the new year and do enjoy the rest of your holiday!


  1. Welcome back to the Sunshine state......We hope you left the cold behind and brought your sunscreen.

  2. The Lions WILL NOT beat the Packers!!! At least that's my hope...our house would have to be drapped in black on Monday if that happened. Safe travels...GO PACKERS!!!!


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