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Monday, December 8, 2014

Aussome Study Group -

Today was our last meeting of 2014 for our fiber study group.  It's so nice being part of a great group of women who I can call my friends as well as being inspired by them!  Here is pic from today:

Back row is my bud Carol T., who I have known since 2000!  We met at a quilting class and have been friends ever since!  We've traveled several times to Houston & Chicago to attend the IQA shows and were lucky enough to attend the year our group quilt was juried in!  Carol & I have had many laughs and made some good memories through the years.  I can aways turn to Carol if I need a shoulder or two!  Carol, besides being a wonderful quilter,  is currently working with watercolors and her drawings are fantastic!  I've asked her before if I could post on my blog one of her drawings so I know she won't mind me showing this one.  Pretty good isn't it!

Next up is my 'dog' bud, Chris!  Chris is a multi talented lady!  Currently, she trains and shows her dog(s) in agility and, as a side line, works for a major thread company, which involves attending the Quilt Market(s) several times a year.  Her quilts are shown in quilting magazines as promotions for the thread companies.    Kalee's first class as a puppy was taken with Chris as one of the trainers.  I also took one of Chris' first quilting classes when she taught at our local shop back in '98!  Her quilting is unbelievable!   In her spare time, she also machine quilts for others.   This is a quilt Chris did back in 2011 for our MQAI - Art of the Kitchen exhibit.

Starting now on the bottom row (left!) is my International bud, Lois Ann!  LA and her hubby lived in Italy for over 5 years but we are so glad she's back in our group!!!  LA is such a fun, bubbly young lady (I'm paying you back for the candy with that remark, LA!!!).  In addition, she can produce art work like no one!!!!  Her work is outstanding and we are always trying to encourage her to "get your work out there"!   This is a quilt from 2009 that LA did for the Inspired by the Masters Exhibit - Hokusai.  You'll recognize this famous painting by Hokusai but check out how LA created it in fabric!!

And last but not least is my bud, Mary!!!  Mary is one of the sweetest, caring women I know.  Besides being a great friend, she is also an awesome, mother, grand mother!!  She's always there for those who need her.  BUT the other great thing about Mary is her art work.  I've posted before here on an exhibit Mary did back in 2010.  You need to check out that blog post and see some of Mary's work that was inspired by Chihuly!  You can see the quilt hanging behind Mary that she did for that exhibit.  I don't have a copy on my laptop of this quilt and I'm too lazy to get up and copy from the desktop...but click on this pic or go to the post above to see more of Mary's Chihuly quilts.

And other than myself in the picture, wearing my latest project!, My L'Enveloppe cape/shawl/whatever!, these are my buds and I'm so, so lucky to have them as friends and in my life!!!  So thank you ladies!  Hope we have many more years together as friends and continue to inspire each other!!!


  1. This is a nice post about your great friends. It's good to put the faces with a gals you blog about. You are a lucky lady!
    Merry Christmas

  2. What a great group you'r in and what a beautiful work! Your "shawl" turned out very well.

  3. Nice meeting all of you and seeing some of your work showcased.

  4. So much talent in your group! I was going to say I love the salad quilt- love the L'Envelope- but must stop to say I love it all! Nice to celebrate your friends.

  5. I noticed how lovely you look and that you are wearing your new knit creation. I love the grey. How very special to have friends and be able to share so much talent in creativity. Blessings and Bliss...


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