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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Challenge Reivew for 2013-2014

You certainly can forget the work we've done...even in the past year or two!  Some of the members on our Art Quilters ARound the World blog have been posting pics of their challenge pieces.  So today I did the same.  If you haven't looked at some of the challenge pieces our group has mae, you are in for a treat.  There are so many unusual and unique pieces created by this group.  They are all so talented!
So back to me taking pics of my finished challenge pieces....the main problem is I ran out of room on my board and then I had to look at the blog to see all the quilts I've made, because I forgot!   Yea, it's back to how we forget things!!  

I joined this group January of 2013 and it's been a lot of fun meeting the challenge dates.  Our next challenge is 'Structures' which is due January 30th!  I have my background fabric now to work on the stitching!!

Here are 8 of my challenge pieces from January 2013 thru November 2014

Top row:  Song Title- Mar. 2014, Self Portrait- Jan. 2013, Art Nouveau- Jan. 2014, The 3 R's - recycle, reuse reduce- July 2014.
Bottom:  Flights of Fantasy- Nov. 2014, Carnival-Mar. 2013, Macro-Nov. 2013, Bollywood-May 2014!

And here are the other four that didn't fit!

Opposites Attract - July 2013

Out of Asia - May 2013

Mono - Sept. 2014

Road Less Traveled - Sept 2013

Kinda fun to look back at our work from time to time!!!

Now on to creating new work for the next year or two or three!  Le'ts hope!


  1. Thanks for providing the pictorial's very inspiring!

  2. To see these all together is so impressive! You must feel justifiably good about all you have accomplished. Challenges do keep us moving! Great work as always. Those neighbor dogs will miss you- so kind to give them a daily break.

  3. Robbie Dear your work is stunning and it is amazing to actually see all that has been accomplished in such a short amount of time. You should feel so very proud of yourself and your art! Blessings and Bliss...

  4. Beautiful work, you really have a talent for everything you put your hands to and you obviously enjoy it greatly. Thanks for sharing.


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