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Friday, December 19, 2014

Finished a gift!

Today I finished up a gift I've been working for Bob.  He doesn't read my I'm safe posting about it.  I  made a genealogy book for my sister and I 10 years ago.  Bob has done a lot of research over the past few years but keeps it on his computer in Family Tree.  That's fine but it's nice to have it in a book that you can look at from time to time or look up a date!  So, I've been going to the library using their access to try to fill in some more information in his family tree.  I was lucky enough to find some add'l information so this week I updated information in his tree and printed out charts and information to put in a book.
So, this is the only picture I took of Bob's book!!!  I forgot!  Back to my post from yesterday and the day before!  Anyway, this is the cover of the book I made for my sister and I.   This was our mother and father's  wedding photo.

I printed on white fabric a photo of my mom and dad then sewed it onto the background piece.   With the fabric, I then made a cover for the album.  I'll do the same for Bob but let him pick the picture he wants for his cover.    At least he now has some of his history down on paper.  We can fill in with photo's, more charts, etc. when we get home in the spring.

So, that's it for is Bob's BD too...we had dinner at Appleee's for our Long Island Iced Tea night!  Our last night out for dinner until we get to Florida!  I need to use up leftovers in the freezer!


  1. What a generous lifetime gift you've created!

  2. Happy Birthday to Bob. How very sweet of you to fill in some spaces for his book...and create one for him. Those records on computer are not safe forever. Ancestry Blessings...

  3. What a heartfelt gift! I'm sure he'll treasure this. That was quite an undertaking on your part.

  4. What an absolutely perfect gift! Having information on the computer can't compare to having a beautiful and long-lasting book. Just holding the book will bring back memories of family and the love you put into it.


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