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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Book Review Time

I have been way too busy this week to do much.  Seems every day I was out and about.  Kalee and I didn't even get to the nursing home for visits this week!  And next week, we won't get there until at least Thursday!  But good news is I'm just about finished with Christmas gifts!  In fact, two bags  are packed and under the tree!  WooHoo!

 I'm almost finished with my knitted E'nvelope scarf/top/whatever and will post pics next week (if I get time!).  This is what the pattern looks like but I made mine a little longer/bigger.  

I'm on this 'knitting' kick right now, which usually happens in fall/winter.  I really enjoyed this pattern by Sally Melville so I decided to order her book through the library (I don't like to buy books until I check them out first!). to a book review, which I haven't done in sometime!

The book is called Mother-Daughter Knits but it's not about mother/daughter knitted outfits that match!  It's a COOL book!!!  I've just started reading it, yes, I'm actually reading it, and several sections are SO interesting!

There are a pages devoted to:  Knit to Flatter and Knit to Fit.  And boy do they make sense.  I am going to buy this book!  It's just filled with great information, which I think would help any knitter regardless of your experience level.

Plus, there are so many cute designs for sweaters, shrugs, leg warmers, etc.

My next project is the little shrug, top row on the right.  Isn't it cute!  Well, I haven't read all the book yet so there might be another project I'll pick but right now that's why I ordered the book!  I wanted to make that shrug when I saw it on a YouTube interview of Sally and her daughter (her daughter had on the shrug).  You can see the interview here on YouTube.

So, that's my life right now...busy cooking, cleaning, organizing, buying, wrapping gifts, reorganizing...don't ask...I don't really know what all I've been doing but I do know I'm way too busy and don't like it!  I just want to stay home and sew, bead or knit!!!    Maybe I need to go to Florida so I can do my art work and play!  Did I just say that!!!


  1. I like the shrug, too, and there are so many wonderful yarns available. It looks as if it might be a not-too-big time investment to complete. I used to knit- but have not gone back to it. Too many things that appeal- project galore. And doesn't it seem as if we are at warp speed?? Tempis fugit.

  2. I like the shrug too. I try to knit, but crochet comes so much easier to me. I'd love to become proficient at knitting, but must admit I'm not too keen on practice. Only time will tell if I become a knitter.
    xx, Carol

  3. I love your "Envelope scarf/top/whatever;" it looks fabulous. I'm not a knitter, but the book looks good too.


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