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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Some show and tell!

So, was 'playtime' today!  Actually, I had these two T-shirts left over from ones MaryJo gave me for Ian's quilt.  They are so cute but I didn't think they would work on the front of his, today I made a pillow to go with his quilt!
This is the front of the pillow and the next picture is of the back.  I made the case so it slips onto a pillow form.  That way Ian can wash it...I know....funny...but you never know...he just might!!!

I think it turned out perfect!  And thanks to my Florida friend, Nancy,  for posting a few weeks ago, the use of  the feather embroidery stitch for quilting.  I didn't sandwich the T-shirt but I did back with stabilizer.  Then I used the feather stitch around both blocks.  Let's face's not like Ian will use this bugger!  But I hope he keeps it and passes on to his kids! 

AND...I'm a bit late on showing a gift I received from another blog friend!  Sherry, from Createology, sent me a fabric ornament, which I received the day before we left for Florida so I wasn't able to post a picture (I did email Sherry a thank you). 
Sherry is so creative and busier than I am!!  I have three "gifts" Sherry has sent me and each are hung now in my sewing studio!!  Thank you again my friend!  You are a sweetheart and so generous!!!

So now my 'project' for graduation is finished and I can play!  Next up is heading off to the kids on Thursday - Monday for a few days of grandma time!!  Darrin and Kris will be on vaca for 10 day so Auntie Dawn and I will play 'Nanny'!  I'm looking forward to the time with the kids. 

It's another beautiful day here today....78, sunny but no humidity!  Just wonderful Michigan weather!!!  This is at the end of our subdivision where Kalee gets to 'sniff' on our walk(s).  Rain is due in later tonight so hopefully Kalee will get another nice walk after dinner. 

Oh, Bob and I got new phones yesterday (Samsung Galaxy S5), which are fantastic!!!  And we had to get a new laptop...Bob's desktop died and it was cheaper to buy a laptop.  Bob is taking my old laptop to put in the computer room for working on his golf stats.  I'm having a learning curve with the new Windows 8.1...but I'll get there!!!  AT least I hope I will!!!  This is my first post using the new computer.  So good...let's see if I can actually publish it!  Since that 'option' isn't highlighted...


  1. What a good idea for the two leftover T-shirts, and the feather stitch looks really good with them. Glad you are having some nice weather, and Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Ian's pillow is super fun and I adore how you have a front and back side to allow for mood changes. You are a sweetie to link my blog...thank you. Beautiful view on your walk. Oh please send your rain to California. So Cal is burning up and I fear we will be next here in Nor Cal. New phones and laptop will keep your minds active. Creative Bliss Dear...


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