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Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Star is Born...

Well, Nick, most likely wouldn't like me to call him a "star"...but their 5th grade class did a great job Wednesday.  Yep, this is our boy in the middle!  He didn't think his grandma could get a good shot of him smiling but I did!!!  Yea, I did!!!!

I was so impressed with the Exhibition 2014 Clear Lake elementary put on this week!  How cool!  They had 12 rooms set up with two presentations in each room!!  Presentations from child abuse to gambling, to animal abuse to Cancer and Your Health!

The above display board was created by Nick and his team (Nathan, Hunter and Nick).   Their presentation was on 'Testing and Driving'.   They boys did a great job and even had forms for folks to sign pledging not to text and drive!

This is our boy doing his presentation part!

I was also impressed when Nick answered a few questions from the parents.  He knew his facts!!!  Good job, Nick...and Nathan and should be proud of all your effort and work!

And all the rooms were set up with the latest electronic display boards for their PowerPoint Presentations.  Very high tech but each of the kids knew how to work the computers and the displays.  Quite impressive.

This Video is part of the 'welcome skit' the kids put on.  How interesting and was all done in black and white and no sound.  Kids were at the mike 'lip syncing' to the video.  Really clever...Nick was in one skit here!  So much fun...Great job, kids!!!!


  1. How proud you should feel. This is such a good way to see our young folks being responsible and technically advanced. Great job.

  2. I really like this presentation. Our school's big pres is based on famous people born in Indiana. Nice, but presenting on current issues is so much up-to-date.

    Congrats on seeing your grandson in action!

    Happy Mother's Day.

  3. Kudos to the kids and the teachers for preparing this presentation! Clearly they put a lot into it. Glad you were back in time to attend.


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