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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bollywood Challenge

I have been working on a small project (approx. 11.5 x 16.5)  for the online group, Art Quilts Around the World.  Our theme this time was 'Bollywood' check out some of the stunning quilts the ladies made!!  Just wonderful!!!

With finishing up Ian's quilt and pillow for graduation, returning home from Florida, trying to start spring cleaning and then heading back out to Indiana for Ian's graduation, I wanted to keep my piece as simplistic as I could!
OK, it is simple but I did take some time to add beads!  Of course, I did!!! 


I've had some of these beads for years!!  Heck, they don't cost anything to keep after you've purchased them, right!  Not like a dog or cat or bird!!  You have to feed them!

I love seeing the animals in some of the Bollywood movies and brochures so wanted, at first, to do a zentangle on an elephant...but decided this would be less time consuming...who was I took about the same amount of time but I loved all the colors Bollywood inspires.

I had fun using a padded beading technique for my Bollywood piece.  You first lay a row of beads down your piece, then lay 6, 8, 10 beads across that line of beads to give a padded effect.  Worked for the tusks!

I'm happy with my little contribution to this challenge and look forward to the next!

Our next challenge is called:  The 3 R's - Re-Use, Recycle and Reduce.  Hmmmmmm  I do have some ideas and started to 'hoard' some items!  I don't think this piece is due until July so I have time to work on it.
Please make sure to stop over on our blog and check out some of the artists (there is a bio page) as well as current and past challenges.  It's a diverse and wonderful group of artists and I've enjoyed working and learning from each of them.


  1. Awesome! Those are all wonderful! Your beading is always so nice.

  2. This Bollywood Elephant is colorful, adorned with beads in all the right places and appears as if he will dance right into our hearts! Lovely work dear...

  3. Oh my, this is just so colorful. And the detail in that padded beading for the tusk is impressive. A home for some beads that have been with you so long- we do eventually find a use for those things we accumulate!


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