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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Almost back at it!

Well, we're home (safe & sound!) and everything is put in it's place, grocery shopping done and house is clean with exception of family room downstairs and my dye/wet room!  Those rooms can wait until next week!  We arrived home yesterday around 12:30 in the afternoon and hit the ground running!  Bob and I both like to have things organized - I know surprise!!! - so we had all suitcases and bags emptied and put away before 8 p.m.!
Today I spent the day scrubbing floors and overall cleaning the house.  I love to reorganize closets and cupboards and purge items I know I won't use or wear!  We have an organization, OutReach East that we donate to and they will be getting some items again this year!
I did manage to put away all  my sewing supplies but I haven't reorganized my sewing room yet...this is a quick view of what it looks like today.   At least the floor is clean and most items are put away.

This is a picture as you walk into my room.  Yes, it's also where Grace lives!  She's always out and loves having me in the room with her.

And this is as you come into my sewing room from the right.  Once I reorganize this weekend, I'll post updated pics.  It's kinda funny....I was looking at a post from 2012 when we returned home!  You can check out that post here...what's funny is everything looks about the same!  I guess some things just never change...
Tomorrow I'll pick up Amber from school and then join her parents for dinner then we're off to Nick's school to watch a presentation he and his 5th grade class have been working on for the past month.  It's on Texting and Driving!!  Should be good and I know it will be fun to be with the kids for a few hours!!

Well, off to watch the Tigers!  They're ahead so far 4-0..also, it was a beautiful day today!  High 60's and sunny...patio door was open and fresh air flowed through the spring in Michigan!!


  1. No rest for the wicked...Did I Say That! lol

    glad you made it home safely.

  2. Now that didn't take long at all, and you got tons done already. Glad you had a safe and smooth trip. Does Kalee settle right in easily?

  3. Very thankful you are home safely and already running full tilt. I would be in an exhausted heap for days. Love seeing your studio. Spring Sunshine Smiles...


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