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Friday, May 2, 2014

All packed up!

Yep, the car is all packed up with the exception of overnight bag, computer 'stuff', Kalee and Grace!  And speaking of Grace...we have to put her in Kalee's crate overnight so we can dismantle her cage.  Grace rides in a dog carrier on the trip and at the hotel she comes out and sits on her perch taking in the sites and sounds of the hotel.
I like to take pictures...who knew!  And a few years ago, I did take pics of  how we packed the car.  Now this might sound silly but it really comes in handy!  I have the print outs of the back of the SUV and inside just so I can pack the car as efficiently as possible.  But this year, we did eliminate a large bag as well as two bags of my art supplies.  So, here are the pictures I'll use for future trips (God willing!).

this is the back of the SUV....the open area on the left is where we pack up  our Keurig coffee maker.  Bob bought a K-cup brewing machine last Christmas and wanted to bring it with us.  We do like our coffee!  The other empty space is for our overnight bag and we'll also need spots for our bedding and pillows, which I put in space saver bags.  Sure squashes a pillow!!!  Works for me!  Love my space saver bags for travel!

This is the back seat, right side.  The cooler and another bag with treats and dog bag sit here.  Grace sits to the left of the cooler in her carrier.

And this is behind the driver seat.  Yea, that's where I put all my art boxes on the floor - the entire back seat floor are my supplies.

 Kalee's crate sits on top of these bags.  Works well as both Kalee and Grace can see out!

So now we have packing documented for another year.
It is sad to leave all the friends and fun here in Florida but also will be nice to be at home.  I'm getting the 'itch' to do some painting and dyeing....and I know Jan and Larry appreciate me not spilling dye on their floor or carpet!!  I purchased Lynn Krawczyk's book, Intentional Printing, and I'm really looking forward to 'playing' or as Lynn would say, "flinging paint"!  So I hope within the next week or two, I'll get to play and hope to post some pics!!!


  1. Oh, I am impressed with how you fit all this in, right down to Grace and Kalee! I saw the book you noted, and look forward to seeing what you do while flinging paint. I picked up the book Whimsical Lettering by Joanne Sharpe. Now there's some fun, too.

  2. This is the most efficient use of space I think I have ever seen. Excellent job and so smart to document it all. Safe Travels Home.

  3. Have a safe trip home. I asked for this book for one of my life events this year. Hope I get it!

  4. good job packing. that space saver thing looks as though it helps a lot in reducing the bulk of your pillows. Safe journey!


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