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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mid week!

Well, the leaf is making progress!  Actually, I finished the left leaf before we came home to Michigan!  Now that we're settled in I'm hoping to get back to working on beading this piece and hand work on the background, while watching Tigers on TV at night...we'll only get to watch our shows after the game(s) are over!
I ran some errands today then home to do some weeding out back and scrub our rockers that sit under the deck.  We've had these Rubbermaid rockers for over 23 years!  We keep these on the lower level...they're just sitting here drying...they'll be moved over to the other cement slab under the deck...that is if I have enough energy!

 These rockers still look like new and I love sitting on them....hopefully, weather will cooperate and we can get out the deck furniture this weekend.  I enjoy having my lunch outside and Kalee is so hard to keep in during good weather!  She's an outside dog for sure!!  It can be 80 degrees out and she'll lie on the deck or in the grass!  Bob's off golfing today due to rain tomorrow...we'll see if he notices what all I did today!  NOT!

I have to upload pics from Nick's school presentation last night!  What a great job the kids did!  And Nick answered all the questions asked of him by parents!  So prepared!!!  Takes after his father!!  Yea, that's it!!


  1. I'm jealous...your yard looks great. We shoulda got small dogs!

    We've had our lawn furniture for a long time too, but not THAT long. Its all about loving care and protection for our harsh winters.

  2. Lovely leaf with all the beading you are doing. "Well taken care of" is always the key to lasting relationships...even with rocking chairs. Your yard looks perfect.

  3. It's good to see the completed vs. the incomplete section of the leaf. It gives a sense of how rich the colors and texture will be once completed. Nice!


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