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Monday, May 19, 2014

I love getting mail!!!

I've been gone since last Thursday so I was quite excited when getting the mail today!!  Look what I won!!
These were sent by Cyndi from Beading Arts!  I really enjoy reading Cyndi's blog posts...she always has interesting posts sharing other bloggers posts or just a beading technique or even her own beading, which is wonderful.  Cyndi also has some really good ebooks you can also purchase very reasonably!  Thank you again, Cyndi!
  Anyway, it was quite exciting opening my 'win'!!  I've already used one of the charms to make a new phone 'plug'!!

So it was a fun five days with the grand kids...this is Amber wrapping up Kalee!  Kalee had a ball...between running around chasing the cats (kids have two) and just running errands, walking or riding in the car...she is wore out and is sleeping again!  This is usually the time she bugs me for our evening walk.  I'll wake her up shortly.  We only walked once today so far.

This is Kalee hunting for the cats!

Today I played with some sun printing...can't show what I've done for a few weeks...but I had fun for a short time...felt good to play with dye/paint again!!!

This weekend we will head to IN. for Ian's high school graduation!  So hard to believe he's graduating and will be headed off to Prudue U. soon!!!  His quilt ad pillow are all wrapped and kids helped me purchase little items to fill a bag with.  Just little items he can use for school (band aids, aspiring, tape, pencils, etc.).  Kids had fun picking out items.


  1. Nice prize you'll put to good use. Oh that Kalee... she must have been in heaven with all the activity. Now.. must.. rest..zzzz.

  2. I saw that you won Cindi's give-a-way. Aren't they cute! Kalee sure had a good time with the kids.

    Yay..Purdue! My youngest grandson is on track for a spot at Purdue. He'll be a senior in HS next year and is in a program affiliated with Purdue in Robotics.

    Safe Travel.

  3. Very sweet little charms you won. Kalee, Kids and Kats...that would wear me out in no time. Safe Travels to Ian's graduation. Looking forward to a photo of Ian with his quilt...

  4. Awwww...I'm so glad to hear that you've already figured out how to use one of the charms! Thank you for your kind words too, Robbie. Looks like you guys had a blast together too <3

  5. ROBBIE!!! You are such a sweetie! I didn't expect that the phone plug you made was for me, but I am very very touched. Thank you so much <3


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