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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


No, this isn't about food!  Although, a nice key lime cake with cream cheese frosting sounds really good about now!!!  But...instead....I love DMTV (Design Matters TV), which is created by Laura and Linda Kemshall.  My followers know how much I've been inspired by them in the past and I know I'll continue to be in the future!!
One of Laura's current episodes is called 'Frosting'...which is about painting over your quilted pieces with acrylic paint!  I saw Laura do this a few years ago and I still use the technique on my projects.  Thought I'd show just a few that I've done.  

This is my 'Art Diary' book I  made...I free motion quilted this piece, sewed on some metal washers then, using Laura's technique, I used a brayer and rolled over the entire piece with white acrylic paint!
These next pieces are showing the front of my quilted work and instead of painting over the quilting on the front, I painted over the back of my work!  This way they became 'pages' in my Art Diary book!  Make sense!  Well, it did for me!

  This is the front of a 'page' in my diary...

And this is the back...this time I used green paint.  It actually looks like suede in person.  Even I forgot what fabric I used for the backing and had to touch it!

Front of another can see on the left side where it's attached to the previous 'page'.  I have four pages, each approximately 18" x 18".

And again, the back of the piece above is painted!

This time I used white paint, as does Laura most of the time.

This technique is so much fun!  So if you're curious and want to see more...sign up for DMTV!!!  There are so many video's to watch and learn from...I don't subscribe to magazines anymore...DMTV is the way to go for me!

Now off to make dinner!  The word 'frosting' made me hungry!  Yea, like I need an excuse to eat!


  1. These are great. I'm sure I'd have to hold my breath when applying paint after all that work. I'm with you on those online videos. Have not done the one you mention, but Craft Daily give access to all the Cloth Paper Scissors DVD classes on mixed media and more. Great fun!

  2. Your Art Diary is truly a treasure of your beautiful quilting and fabric art you create. An heirloom treasure to be certain. Scary but fun to "frost" your fabric. I am glad you did it on the backs. Creative Frosting Bliss Dear...


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