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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Where have the days gone!

I'm usually good about it's my daily/weekly journal...but this past week has flown by.  We had only been home two weeks and took off again last week to Indiana for Ian's graduation!!  What fun!!  Ian is a great kid and has turned into quite a young man!
Ron, MaryJo, Ian, Kayla and Nate 
Ian has been in the top 10 honors and also been accepted at Purdue!!  We are so proud of him!!  This is actually my favorite picture of Ian!
Grandpa, Ian and me!

Congrats, again Ian!!  Oh...yes Ian did like his quilt!!!  But the pics are on my other laptop.  I'm in the middle of moving files from one laptop, to Flickr to never, never land!  Bob is taking my old laptop so he can work on his golf stats.  His desktop died....
Bob is off golfing today and I have dental cleaning appointment @ noon....I've been working on our Bollywood project for the online art group.  Our reveal is on May 31st.  I just have to put on the binding and it's finished.  Of course, in between I'm still working on my, hope I'll get back to posting more art work!! Let's hope!


  1. Looks like a happy family day, and Ian already has the T-shirt. Maybe the start of your next t-shirt quilt? Tempis fugit, and that's a fact.

  2. Congratulations to Ian. Quite the handsome young man and quite accomplished in his goals. How could he not love his T-Shirt quilt!


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