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Sunday, September 9, 2012

What's old is new again...well sorta!

Well, I've not done much this week sewing or beading wise...well, I have finished outlining my beaded butterfly and now filling in...and I've stitched more hexagons...but I figure it's boring seeing the same old, same old on my blog.

As I was going through my old CD's trying to move my projects to flash drives I forgot about some of my "old" works! So I thought I'd post some of them here.

This flower was a picture my daughter took at a conservatory in Detroit.  I loved the picture and had it printed on fabric then I finished it of with a border and FMQ.  I made this for Dawn's BD in 2006...can't believe it's been that long ago.  Dawn still has it hanging in her house...she's so sweet!  Or maybe she only puts it up when I'm coming to visit!  Either way...I think she liked it!

This isn't the best picture,  as some of the blocks are cut off...but you get the drift. This was a 4th Saturday Sampler our local quilt shop put on and which I completed in 2002.  Some blocks were machine quilted (those are the traditional patterns) and the little connector blocks and the large middle block I hand appliqued.  The small connector blocks were also hand quilted by me.  Surprise!
Just a closeup of two blocks.  I really like this quilt and it still lays on my chair in our living room.  Now keeping with that traditional theme...that you didn't think I did....

I made this for my DIL's brother and wife when they got married.  I used home spun fabrics for the quilt, including the border!  Yikes!  Drove me crazy because I thought the lines in the pattern should be straight....not always so with home spun fabric.  I think the kids liked it and I still have the thank you note they sent me.

And last but not least....check out this little old lady basting her quilt!  This quilt had some fabric in it that I had made a graduation dress for my daughter back in 1984!  I started off hand quilting this piece and it still sits downstairs over a bench and will most likely never finish the hand quilting.  You can see the date of 2000! 

 It was a scrap quilt and both it and the previous quilt above were/are patterns from Beth Ferrier.  Beth was a hoot and still is!  I got to see her again in Florida this past winter when she did her trunk show for one of the local Ocala guilds.  We always had fun in Beth's classes and if you get a chance to take a class don't hesitate to sign up.  Or better yet, check out one of her machine applique books.

So this week will be busy, busy for me.  Between hair appts (dog and me!), fiber meeting, hanging quilts for our upcoming exhibit, opening on Friday night,  yada, yada....the week will fly by!  Oh, Lions won!!  And they did it in the last 10 seconds!  Yep, last 10 seconds!  Nerve wracking.  Now I'm off for a walk with the dog.  Beautiful day today...Nick's team won their football game too!!!  Grandpa even came with me today.  Just a nice time with family!  Nick even had his name and # mentioned for a tackle!  Way to go Nick!!  Now it's Amber's turn with girls basketball!  Busy time!!!


  1. Always fun to look back and see the work we'd all but forgotten. Your post reminded me how much I like sampler quilts! And it reminded me that I need to do something to get a handle on all the old photos. Flash drives... that's a good plan.

  2. I can see why the flower quilt is a favorite. The quilting is so well thought out and compliments the piece beautifully. Thanks for sharing.....

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Your quilts are amazing. I still cherish the bag you sent me.


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