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Thursday, September 6, 2012

School Days...

Yes, grandma is a little late posting pics of the kids first day of school but at least I did remember to do it now!!

Amber is going into 7th grade already!  She's grown into a beautiful teenager and still a delight to be around.  I have to say she's one of my best friends!!  And always will be!!

AND...she made the basketball girls team yesterday!  Yahoo!!!  More after school activities!  I don't know how the kids and parents do it all!!  Both kids have either football or basketball practice for 2 hours each day!!

And here's our Nick!!  Going into 4th grade and happy about it!!!  Actually, in his class, he's with several of his friends, which is nice.  He had a few days off of football practice but now he's back at it.  Another game this weekend, which I plan on going to.  I'm going to talk grandpa into coming along to watch the effort these little ones put forth. 

So not much accomplishments in the art work this week....working on getting our labels ready for the MQAI exhibit on the 14th which is part of the Flint Festival of Quilts. 

The exhibit will be shown at the Greater Flint Arts Council,  816 S. Saginaw St. - This year's theme is "ENCORE!" which is a retrospective exhibition of works by Michigan Quilt Artists from the past 14 years.  It will be a great exhibit looking back at all the art quilts and different themes.  The opening is on Friday, Sept. 14, 6-9 PM, with music, wine and food!  It's always a great night to see some art friends and family friends!   The exhibit will be up through the middle or end of October.  So if you are in the Flint area make sure to stop and see our exhibit and the rest of the quilts. 


  1. Cute photos. I used to teach 7th grade... remember that exciting first day of school. Everyone spiffed up and ready. And the summer went by so fast! Hope both have a great school year.

  2. Your granddaughter and grandson are very good looking. May they enjoy their school year and have fun learning and playing sports. Congratulations Grandma...


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