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Monday, August 20, 2012

Nick's 1st game of the season!

 What fun on Sunday to see Nick play his first football game (in pads!).  I was shocked at how tough these kids were!!  Nick played almost the entire time, both on defense and offense!  He gave it his all and made everyone proud of him. 
The end of a long game!  Job well done, Nick!!!  

 Nick is #80 and some of these you have to look close for his number but he's there!  Auntie Dawn took these pictures from the stands!  They are great pictures!!  But I love this one of Nick talking to another player!  I just wonder what the discussion was about!  It's almost like big brother talking to little brother!  Nick wouldn't like me to say it but it's adorable!   I think it would make a great ad!

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