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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Geocaching w/grandma!

OK, so I never was a good tracker or good on direction...but I'll give it a try.   If you don't know what Geocaching is check out their web site here.  Basically, it's a treasure hunting game!  There are containers or caches hidden all over the world!!  Hard to believe but it's true!  My friend, Carol T., told me about this a year or so ago.  So yesterday the grand kids and I took off early in the a.m.  There was a cache about 2 miles from their house so bikes were in order!
Two hours later, a winded grandma finally gave in and said "let's head home".  Between the GPS and my phone GPS, we were taken to different spots.  Each one said we were in the right area but no cache could be found.  We did roam the woods even!  Actually, I found it a lot of fun with the exception of riding about 5 or 6 miles!  I was winded and pooped!  Kids held up much better of course!  

This is another picture of a cache hidden!  Cool isn't it!  I have two more places to head to next Wed., which are rated as easy, easy...and we're going to go back to the cache we couldn't find yesterday.  I looked at the map and can see we were in the right area but on the right side of the road and the cache was on the left!  DUH!  I said...I'm not good at map reading!  But I did find our way back home so guess that's a good thing!

Rain today...hubby not golfing so good day for laundry and sewing.  No, not Bob doing that!  ME!  I've got 3 loads of laundry finished already!  Now off to do some sewing or maybe beading.  Meeting up with friends later...have a good day!  And look into Geocaching!!!  Even to do with a spouse would be fun!


  1. What fun.. you stay fit, and challenge your skills all at the same time. Plus time with the grandkids makes it memorable for all.

  2. PS- I think there may be some caches in the Ocala area, maybe around the landbridge trail. I read something about it a couple of years back.

  3. So glad someone actually found the 'treasure'. We were attracted to the hunt ourselves several years ago but NEVER found one single item. When they are hidden in the mountaint, I guess they stay hidden. But what fun this must have been for your grandkids!

  4. Hey Robbie - so glad that you have checked into geocaching! Lloyd and I have done it with our grandkids and on our own.... it can be so much fun and take you places you would have never gone! Started in 2006 and we have found over 300.... we've done it in MI, to SC, to Ark., to CA. Look into the "virtual caches" and the "earthcaches" too - usually very cool and can be great learning opportunities for the kids (and adults too)! Have fun! :)