My Favorite Books

Friday, June 3, 2011


1st a HUGE congrats to Amber for receiving 'Student of the Month' award at school this week!! She got two awards but the 2nd picture didn't turn out so clear. It did talk about her being a role model for other kids and her effort at achieving good grades, yada, yada! How proud we all are of her! And yes, I have blacked out her last name - you never know about folks on the Internet so I do try to protect the innocent!

And another congrats to my friend, Mary, on becoming a Great Grandma again! This is Stefi, big sister Carmella and new baby brother who was born yesterday! I'm sure the whole family is pretty excited about the new addition. Mary is a wonderful, great grandma and I'm sure she will enjoy this new addition.

Another beautiful day with a high of 75 and light winds again today. This is summer weather for me. It is suppose to get in the 80's this weekend and a few days next week but I'll settle for this type of weather.

I plan on working on my Art of the Kitchen piece today. Having problems with fraying on my background weaving..ugh. I ran out of Misty Fuse and ended up using WonderUnder lite which was a huge mistake. I started using Misty Fuse years ago before it became the fuse of choice and now I know why I've stuck with it so long. Plus, weaving the pieces of my background in and out and changing the weaving has caused some of the fraying. I should be able to 'clean' the edges up with machine stitching if I get to that point today.

I have to admit I am hooked on watching the trial of Casey Anthony. It's so sad and the trial keeps pulling on me to watch it. Fortunately, I have a TV in my sewing room, so I can listen to it. It's almost like reading or listening to a fiction novel and not a very good one! But one you keep reading just to find out how the 'book' ends!

Speaking of books...I just finished listening to The Lincoln Lawyer and the reader was great! His name is Adam Grupper and he made the book twice as good even though the story was really good on its own. I am going to look up Adam and see what other books he has done the reading on.

I have eleven books on my IPod and just started listening to Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. Can't remember where I saw or heard about this book and I just hope it's not depressing! I'm more of a mystery, thriller or biography person! Gotta run! Trial has started!


  1. Always happy to hear about students who do well, and are recognized for it. Good job! Don't know where I've been, but missed a couple of your posts. That cardinal is shaping up beautifully. You have lots going on!

  2. Sounds like you've got reading on the brain! I like to listen to something while I'm beading/sewing too, maybe I'll switch on the trial today. But if I get addicted I'm blaming you!