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Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy Days - Not Really

The past few days have been a blurr..I did go to the Genesee Start Quilters guild meeting on Friday a.m. then off to do errands and lunch. Sat. my friend, Mary and I went to the Flint Market (pics follow) but I also started on my 2nd loom piece!
Here's what I got done on Sat. afternoon sitting out on the deck just relaxing and listening to my Ipod (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book). This is a cuff pattern and I'm loving it so far!
Here's my little loom all set up to work. I have it on a piece of plywood hubby cut for me a few years ago so it's quite portable.

I really like this pattern by Suzanne Cooper that I purchased last week. It's part of a set of five E-patterns Suzanne has.

Not sure where or how I happened upon her web site but I've had it bookmarked for quite sometime and I do receive her newsletter. Besides her beading, Suzanne has a Bichon too! So stop by and check out some of her work and her patterns. I also bought her 'Really, Really Round Flat Peyote' pattern set. But that's for another project down the road! And yes, I have started the branch on my Cardinal but...

Saturday, Mary and I left early for the Flint Farmer's Market. I haven't been to it in years and years and was really impressed with how it's grown. Vendors, veggies, fruit, cheese, meats, name it and they had it!

This is a mural at the front of the market area that was created by Guy Adamec and you can read more about it here.

Just one of the vendors

So after going to market and beading we just sat and watched the golf Open and actually went to bed early. Good thing because I was up from 12:15 a.m. until after 3:30 a.m. SICK!! UGH!! Sunday consisted of getting Bob off to a Father's Day golf outing at 6:45a.m. then back to bed until 8; called Darrin and Jeff and back to bed (with Mandy, of course). Bob got home around 3:30 and said he was hungry...hungry?? What's that about?? My hope for him was to take a nap which took place quickly so I had a reprieve...fortunately I always have leftovers in the freezer so he had salad and spaghetti. I did make some chicken soup but only drank the broth (Grace ate the veggies).

So today I'v been working on my Art of the Kitchen piece trying to get the quilting finished. At least I'm almost back to normal and feel like eating's a good way to lose weight! Have to look at the positive side of being sick! Yes, my glass is half full at all times! Speaking of which, I'm off to get some more water!


  1. i'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. i do hope you're on the mend and get to feeling good quickly. it sounds like a great farmer's market. i went to one once in lincoln, ne and it was the bomb. i don't hear about them around these parts too much. lucky you! like your looming, too. can't wait to see the cardinal with more done on him.

  2. That market looks wonderful. So does the mural. Losing weight? That's a tough way to do it. Beading looks good. I like the way a beaded cuff feels... the weight & flexibility of it.