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Sunday, April 8, 2018

What a difference a day makes!

Well, today is a good day!  This past Thursday wasn't so good...well, yes and no.  Here's the scoop...hubby started the morning out, after his breakfast, saying he was having chest pain and short of breath!  "WHAT!!!!"  So I started my speech about us needing to go to the Emergency.
"No, I just need an aspirin" he told me! 
"Why an aspirin?" I said.
  "Because you should take an  aspirin when you have chest pain as a preventative". 
"But, after you take an aspirin you are suppose to call 911!!" I stated.  And so this conversation repeated itself!  You can see where our conversation went the rest of the morning.

So what does my hubby do?  He goes golfing!  Yep, 18 holes...I was beside myself all day...each time the phone rang my heart dropped...he finally got home around 4:30, as we had dinner plans. 
When he walked in the door, we asked him how he was doing...mumble, mumble..."lets go to dinner" he said...when we got in the car I started my speech again "we shouldn't be going to dinner...we need to go to the ER".  FINALLY...he agreed. 

OK, to make this long story shorter than I normally would....hubby is fine!  WHEW...but he ended up having to stay in the hospital overnight! 

While in ER, they ran cardiac lab tests  and several EKG's (which were all negative so we knew he didn't have a heart attack at least).  He was monitored all night...every two hours for EKG, etc. and had a stress test Friday morning.  And he passed that with flying colors!  All in all his heart is in great shape....we can only determine that on Wednesday he rotated the tires on his golf cart, by hand!!!   He was down on the garage floor pushing the tires around and lifting them back up onto the cart.   All alone!!!    Most likely he hurt his chest muscles causing the pain and shortness of breath. Oh, and he was also very dehydrated and was given IV's for that.   Something that I constantly nag him about is drinking enough but Dr. recommended he make sure to use an electrolyte replacement in addition to water. 

Bob is 78 years old (he'll be 79 in December!) and  does strenuous activities and pushes his body beyond his years.  Even my grand daughter said he needs to stop doing some of these things he does.  "pay someone" she said!  Remember our major deck project last summer?  Yep a 78 year old rebuilt our deck!  Guess it's hard to remember how old we are but at some point we do need to listen to our body. 

One good part of all this (beside Bob having a good heart and no medical problems) I didn't have to make breakfast, lunch or dinner for him on Friday!  HA  We didn't leave the hospital until almost 7 p.m.  waiting for the stress test results so he had 3 meals on Friday!  Wait until he sees what that cost him!  Cheaper to take me out to dinner even with me having a glass (or two!) of wine!

But look what I had for dinner!  A peanut butter sandwich, which I made at home and brought to the hospital so we could have dinner together!  YUM...

I am so relieved my room mate is OK and glad to have him back home "being Bob"!   Family and friends will know what that means!  HA  Now we can get back to our normal snowbird life!  Whew!  And dinner out...unless he gets the hospital bill(s) before we leave Florida!


  1. YIKES……what a scare. I TOTALLY know how frustrating it is to have a spouse who still thinks he’s 25, only to end up being worse off for being so insensible!! Glad to hear he’s okay….and so sorry you had to go through it too.

  2. So glad Bob is ok, but what a scare! You, Mary, me... and countless others... must be married to men cut from the same mold, keep on going no matter what. I guess at some point our own bodies draw a line to say "knock it off." My husband still wants to do all the work on our farm. We always say we'll hire it done, but when it comes time, he'd really rather mow, fix fence, etc, etc, on his own. So it is a worry. Just keep the reminders coming, and at least he listened to you after some time passed.

  3. I am glad it all turned out well. Yes, we do need to take more care as we age. Sad but true. We never like to admit that!

  4. So glad everything turned out OK.
    He is a strong person.

  5. What a scare for you! All husbands must be stubborn like that. Mine fractured his leg once at home and refused to let me call 911 until he finally got tired of lying on the floor in pain. A friend's husband fell off his roof last year and broke his back (he's okay now) right after his wife said, "Don't go up there."

  6. What a day, thank goodness it worked out all right. It's very frustrating not being able to do what we used to though.

  7. Oh thank You God that he is alright!!! Men...sheesh!

  8. I've had a couple of scares with Terry too. I've had to insist a trip to the ER a couple of times that did NOT end as well as Bob's but luckily we made the trips. I don't want to think about being without him. Glad Bob is OK. They don't know their own limits sometimes.
    xx, Carol

  9. So glad your story had a happy ending. And now you know he is quite healthy and can keep on safely doing these things he does. Good thing he has got you to keep an eye on him. So easy to ignore symptoms and put off having them checked out.

  10. Wow! What a scare! I’m like you; I would have worried ALL day while he was golfing. I’m sure glad everything turned out okay.

  11. Oh Robbie I am so grateful for Bob being okay. As a wife of a husband who always overdoes himself in the do it himself work and who still climbs the tallest ladder to go on the roof (three stories up!) to clean out gutters...because no one does it right even after he has paid them...I know your fears. Bob looks great for 78. Enjoy your Snowbirding...<3

  12. What a scary thing to go glad all is well...Yes it is easy to forget our age and not listen to our bodies..!Glad he has you to remind him.


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