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Thursday, April 26, 2018

More Solar Fast!

Here are some of Nancy and Beth's pieces from our play date last Saturday!  This was Nancy tryig to encourage her prints!

Nancy got some interesting results using stencils!

The dark blue piece was a  Cyano piece Nancy was playing with.  

I love the stencils Nancy used in both these pieces!

Pretty cool isn't it!

Nancy got a really subtle imprint using the Solar Fast on this piece.

Another nice stenciled piece by Nancy

Beth got busy right away!

Beth used some x-rays given to her.  The results weren't great for an imprint but it still would work for a background piece! 
What was left after using the x-rays and Inkodye.  I really like it!

Beth used real leaves and different colors of Inkodye and I think she also used some Solar Fast as well.

If you look close,  you can see stencils of faces Beth did.  I suggested she paint Inkodye on top of the fabric (heavier coat) then lay the stencils back down and let the sun do it's magic!
Beth also used the writing thermofax and screen printed the tree and words.

Ginko leaves screen printed on Beth's dyed fabric.  very pretty!

Again, screen printed leaves on Beth's hand dyed or ice dyed fabric(s).

All in all I think the results were pretty good!  It was overcast from time to time but we still got some nice results!  I look forward to 2019 and sharing techniques again!


  1. Always an adventure and surprise to see what develops. I like the prints on the subtle ice-dyed backgrounds. Fun times. Now to use the fabrics in.... what?? I never know for sure, but then that's not the point, right?

  2. Okay, I can see this is a technique we need to put on our FJ list….can’t believe we never did it! Great results!!

  3. There are some nice results.....I've had so many mixed results with this technique (I've almost given up)...but maybe I'll try again after seeing what you and your girlfriends have done.... Nice job!


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