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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dye Dogs

I've shown some sneak peaks of my latest project.  Now to give the story behind it!  This is the fabric that started it all.  Colors aren't true but close enough....

Most of you are familiar with the work of Kay Sorensen (Quilts+ Color) as well as her recent exhibit, 'Florida Ice', which is on display downtown Ocala, Fl.   Well, even this master of creating fabulous fabrics will have some pieces that just aren't up to her standards.   Thank goodness for least for  Beth and I!  Kay bequeathed us each a 'dye dog' (that's Kay's term for fabric that wasn't up to par!) to do something with it.  No rules...just play!  And play we did. This is both our pieces together!

We met for lunch yesterday to show Kay what we had created with her fabric!  TaDa....this is Beth's handiwork!  I love it!!  As I said the colors in the fabric pic above aren't quite true and this is evident in Beth's piece.  Lovely!!!!

For her flowers, she used fabric that was dyed with bleeding tissue paper!  We had a play date last month (blog post here) at Beth's, along with Nancy and Kathy dyeing fabric from tissue paper.  I'll be showing a post  this week on that day on some of the results.  Until then, check out Beth's flower colors!!!  They are beautiful...and she did a great job on the composition for the piece!

And up next, my project....I'll be doing another post on how I ended up creating this...until then.....the areas not quilted look very wrinkled because I squish it to put in a hoop to do my hand stitching.

I love hand work and have lots of stitching left on this piece but I'm very happy with it so far. I think Kay was also a bit surprised at what her proteges created!

  Also, I was fortunate to receive a piece of Kay's art work for taking pictures at her opening reception!   How lucky am I!   Check it out!!!  It's the positive and negative Kay quilted and put into a dual frame!

Thanks for the challenge and your artwork, Kay!!!


  1. As I said on Kay’s blog…..all of you hit home runs!!!

  2. Excellent- though it's hard to believe Kay has any dogs after seeing her gorgeous pieces. But then everything can't be a success. You and Beth turned these into something even more wonderful! And that framed gift is lovely. I'm glad you are shown holding it because it looked larger than it is in the one photo- it's quite small for all that delicious detail. Such a nice remembrance for your photo-taking skills.

  3. I love your adds so much to the piece.

  4. WOW...such beautiful Works of HeArt you both created from Kay’s Dye Dogs. How very sweet of Kay to gift you the framed pieces. Creative Bliss Indeed...<3


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