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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Outta here!

We'll be on the road heading north today!  We are both ready to be in our own home, seeing family and friends....we are so blessed to be able to come to Florida each winter and look forward to 2019!  But it's always good to be home in your own bed, our own work rooms, etc.  I'm always afraid I'll make Jan and Larry yard or house a beautiful shade of blue or red when I dye fabrics!  HA 

We were both busy this week with meeting up with last minute buds, last golf outing and of course dinner(s) out!  But we also made time for cleaning and packing!  HA 

Some items waiting to be packed in the car!  Actually, this was a picture from last winter but it looks the same today in Florida!  Am I a creature of habit or what!
Floor of the backseat!  Girls crates sit up high on top of space saver bags!

We are good packers aren't we!  I keep pictures because we forget from year to year where everything goes!

I do want to show the wonderful watercolor card I received from my bud, Peggy!  I've posted on her work before and had to show this off!  Isn't it beautiful!

I will miss all my lady friends here in Ocala!  Too many to mention but you each know who you are!  God willing, we'll be back next year! 


  1. Be safe on your trip home. Hopefully the weather will be warmer by then. 77 in our forecast for Tuesday...and rain. The Spring here is lost somewhere.
    xx, Carol

  2. Safe travels for you and your hubby and of course the little furries !

  3. Have a pleasant and safe ride back to MI…...

  4. Have a safe trip home! It seems just yesterday you were posting about getting ready for the drive down to Florida!

  5. I hope you had safe travels North. Sunday we left St. George Utah in wonderful warm bright sunshine. On our eleven hour drive we experienced rain in Nevada and Snow over Donner Pass. Yes, we were the crazy flip-flop travelers caught unexpected. Always so good to be safely home.


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