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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bleeding Tissue Paper

I thought I had published more pics from our day of playing with bleeding tissue paper but I  must have put it on our own blog vs mine.  So here is what we did last month in our little art group.  We're meeting Friday so I'll post the results next week!  Enjoy!

We  met at Beth's with her demonstrating using bleeding tissue paper on fabric and watercolor paper!  I think we got some good results.

These are from class Nancy took a few years ago...good info!

Beth layering tissue paper

Soda ash water applied via spray/dropper/brush

Robbie's tissue on fabric

Nancy cutting tissue on fabric

Kathy's landscape

Kathy's landscape after she applied water!

Robbie's fabric covered

Same fabric but addition of commercial fabric laid on top

Beth's printed piece she didn't it's one of her favorites now!

Kathy's vase...I mean tree...I mean cat!!  We can't decide!

Beth layering tissue on watercolor paper

water piece


  1. Great results and looks like you all had fun….

  2. This technique never gets old!! Love those colors :-)

  3. Interesting that you dyed two pieces at once- why waste all the color on top, right? Fun.


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