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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Freezer Time

On Monday, Bob finally got his wish to get to the Freezer for his favorite steamed shrimp!  Our first trip to the Freezer was February can read and see some pics from that visit here.   These are pics from this week...not sure why they are so red...but you get the idea!
We always start off with a pretzel!

Great steamed shrimp!

And the best part on the way home!

 Some of my readers know we get to the Freezer at least once in the winter...usually twice!  But this year we've been busy eating at different restaurants and the weather wasn't the best to be eating out near the water.  Hence, it will only be one time for shrimp this year!  But it was as good as ever!  And the stop at DQ is always the best part for me! 


  1. Again….you are making me so hungry even before I’ve finished my 2nd cup of coffee this morning. But I do love reading about your food adventures!

  2. We've not been there. I'd have to go with the pretzel and the DQ. I love shrimp, but have some kind of bad reaction to it. We used to go to a place called Rusty Pontoon and they had buckets of steamed shrimp- so good. They are no longer in business, but were in Dunellon. Anway, glad you made it there for at least one excursion. I'm hoping to visit Kay's exhibit in Ocala today.

  3. Yummy...Love all 3 things .... I used to live in FL for a short while and the restaurants and early bird specials were the best!

  4. I am starving and not looking forward to dinner that I am cooking tonight...your food looks very yummy! <3


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