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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Back to some quilting roots!

I'm working on a new project, which I'll show more pictures of  next week.  Until then, here's a sneak peak!

Yep, the geese are flying!  What fun making these little buggers again!  How long has it been!  A long time that's for sure!  Now my placement of these little buggers is most likely different from how I normally place/sew them....guess  my 'geese' aren't doing all that much flying after all!

The top is already sandwiched and I've stitched in the ditch so I can start some hand stitching.  The piece measures around 22" x 36" or close to that!

  Here are two areas that I've started some stitchin in.  Wrists are bugging me a bit so I've now been wearing both braces when I stitch..appears to help some.  It still feels good to be doing hand stitching again.

I have also cleaned up my sewing room here in Florida!  Look, it's back to being a bedroom again...well, almost...I do have some quilts on the bed and other items that will be packed up to head home!  I should have taken a picture of 'before'!

We will be home 3 weeks from yesterday!  The time goes by slowly in January and then speeds up from then!  Especially with Bob's episode this past week, we are both ready to be in our own home.  We have always said we are so blessed to be able to spend the winter in Florida and to have a wonderful home our friends  allow us to spend four months in...they make us feel like this is our home for those four months!   Thanks Jan and Larry!!!


  1. Oh my gosh….I too haven’t made flying geese blocks in ages…..really. I’m guessing for at least 30 years. Anxious to see your finished piece. Your scare with Bob has been on my mind…….dang these golden years can have some tarnish on them can’t they!?!

  2. Your hand stitching looks so nice and even- glad you can do some despite the wrist braces. 3 weeks- really? Where does the time go??? We had to cancel our travel reservations for Arizona this week- unfortunately my husband got sick. He's doing some better, but in no shape to travel or keep up the pace we set when visiting there. Maybe in the fall.

  3. Health is Wealth in our Sunset Years. Your Flying Geese look good and your (painful) hand stitching is wonderful. It is the details you add that make your projects Magic! Happy Packing Dear...<3

  4. Gosh, just read about Bob and his ER visit. Glad he is doing better. Sorry for the scare but glad he finally went in to get checked at least.


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