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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Playing with Solar Fast

Saturday I  met up with Nancy and Beth for a day playing with both Solar Fast and Inkodye (which is a product discontinued but JoAnn's or Michael's still have some in stock!).  I've used Solar Fast before and enjoy the results and today we even played with screen printing using thickened Solar Fast using a thickener I purchased.  You can order Solar Fast at Dharma Trading and other online stores.

I'm starting off with my results first!  Next post will show Nancy and Beth's work!

Our work 'cooking' on the driveway!

Nancy has a drying rack that works perfect for holding our pieces after they were rinsed out.

This was one of my pieces.  I painted on yellow first, then blue, then laid some stencils, which were held down with a piece of glass.

This was Sepia paint with some blueprint film on top
I mixed some thickener with Solar Fast paint and screen printed these leaves

Yellow on top of some Sepia and again stencil laid on top.

I was given this screen with written words on it by my friend, Mary, back in Michigan.  Thanks, Mary!!!

This was black thickened Solar Fast I screen printed onto white fabric.  I love this for a background  piece!


Red and blue Solar Fast with different stencils laid on top.  Again, held down with glass.

This was a piece I had screen printed but didn't get much color I painted on more yellow, purple and violet Solar Fast, laid different stencils, held with glass.

The next posts will show results from Nancy and Beth as well as some show and tell from our meeting! 


  1. Another fun play day! I love the script one you did. And the drying rack is perfect for this. Now to use them in projects!

  2. You all do so many interesting projects and here is another one. I look forward to seeing your show and tell. Is the Nancy you mention the same Nancy as quilting potpourri?


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