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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dye Dog Rescue

I posted about how this piece started out so if you're interested you can read that post here.  This was the fabric that started this project.  The 'dog' came out to play!!!  The colors are really not true on the first two pics but you get the idea!

I happen to have had some leftover dye from doing some screen printing...and lucky that because it was a mix of different dyes the end result was more of a dark Burgundy color!  So I used it to screen print using a thermofax screen I had.  This screen is from a blueprint my friends father had made years and years ago.  I had several of his blueprints transferred to a thermofax screen.

Once I did that I now had to decide what to do with the printed fabric!  Cut it up!  Isn't that what we do with fabric we print!  HA

I wanted to use at least some of the full pattern of the blueprint but it was hard to cut around them, hence, some of the designs aren't full pattern...but that's ok.

Now to decide what to place in between the original row of the blueprint....yellow of course!   I couldn't decide and I was trying to use fabric I had at the house without buying more.  Well, it looked good on the color wheel!  And I wanted to do some traditional pattern so flying geese was the choice...although, mine ended up not flying!

And for you with good eyes, yes, that is my dog laying at the top of the piece!

This was me playing around with the layout of the 'geese'!

I finally decided on this layout!

Next up, I sandwiched the piece and stitched all the straight seams.  When I hand stitch I use a small hoop so I need to make sure the piece is as secure as it can be so the stitching doesn't distort.

And now the fun begins!  I love this part!!!

This is my progress so far.  I go from small circles to large circles...I get bored stitching the same thing!  HA

Hand stitching is one of my loves next to bead embroidery.  There is a lot of stitching that will be done on this bugger but it will keep me busy (my  machine and sewing items are already packed up!).  It's great to work on in the evenings while listening to the kinda miss some things but that's what the rewind is for on the remote!


  1. Good to see how this came together. The hand stitching is so wonderful on the piece!

  2. You know how I love handstitching—doing it and looking at it. Your hand stitching will make this piece really special.


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