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Monday, December 4, 2017

That Time Of Year!

Yep...this is always my busiest time of the  year and I am thankful for my girls!  They give me the sanity I need.    Holidays, entertaining (which I love to do!), shopping, last minute projects and thinking about what to take with me to Florida keeps me stressed!  We leave on the 27th so I will be thinking about that in another week or so!  We don't pack our clothes until the 26th.  Doesn't take long and the car is all packed by mid to  late afternoon.  Bob and I are efficient and organized but that's what causes stress!  HA

Thanksgiving was at my son's house and as usual our DIL, Kris (no pics of her!  dang!), outdid herself with decorations and a fantastic turkey dinner!  Kris is a great cook so we knew we'd eat well and that we did!  I made two lemon pies to take....Kris' mom likes lemon pie as does my son, so this way we each had some to take home.

Kris' mom carving and Amber trying to get out of  the line of camera fire!  HA
AJ snuggling up with Bob!  Kids have two cats but AJ loves grandpa!

Thanksgiving weekend we had a nice weekend visit with Bob's son, wife and grandson from Indiana!  It was a weekend filled with football, more football and additional football games!  HA  Our grandson, Ian, is a little obsessed with football...and I thought Bob was bad.  I couldn't even pry the remote from Ian's hands!  HA

We gave the kids their Christmas gifts since we won't see them for Christmas. Ian received a gift card and I also made this box for him!  He seemed to like it!  (I'm making one for our other grandson, Nick, for Christmas too!).

Not sure if you can read the box says "You can't live on pizza alone, so here is so dough"...

Ian is a great kid!  MAN!  He graduates from Purdue U in May...what a nice young man.  And so much fun to tease!  I told him I had to put over 50+ dots on the bills but he has to take them off!

I didn't get a picture of Bob or Ron....along with Ian they were so busy watching football!  Michigan played on Saturday and then the rest of the weekend there were other college games on.  Still, I had a great time just visiting with MaryJo and bugging the guys!  Kids made it back to Indiana around 6 p.m. on Sunday.  At least they had a safe trip and not a lot of traffic. 

Mary Jo opening some presents.

So here I sit...haven't been reading too many blogs of my 'blog' friends and I apologize for that.  I'm working on a BIG project for Christmas but can't discuss or show on my blog right now.  I did knit some on Sunday while watching the Lions which was nice...not the Lions...knitting was nice!


  1. You always have great ideas for gifts for the kids. Nice pics of your family get together. Have a safe trip.
    xx, Carol

  2. Such a great pizza gift idea……you are one clever gal!

  3. Phew- a whirlwind! Great food, family, critters, and football- I'm sure you were all in heaven. Good luck with the preparations. The 27th will be flying at you. Pizza is clever!

  4. I can't believe it's almost time for you to leave again for Florida! Soak up that sunshine for those of us who are stuck up north. I also love your pizza dough idea.

  5. Family and food and lots of quality time together even with the busy holiday stresses...Priceless! Enjoy every minute of every day Sweet Robbie. <3


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