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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve started out with snow around noon!  Yikes! I was a nervous weren't coming until 4 or so, as Amber had to work until 3.  I didn't want the kids to drive in the storm but they each said "it's Michigan...not a problem".

..and to add to the bad weather, my poor son came down with the flu!  He had a fever and stomach issues and was so sick.  I felt so bad as we've never not been together for Christmas!  He did manage to smoke the brisket we were having for dinner!  And it was delicious!

We love to have appetizers for our dinner and along with Darrin's smoked brisket it was delicious.

We always do the 'family Christmas pictures' first then we eat...I'm doing them out of order!  HA

Minus my sick son....sniff, sniff
My babies are growing up!!!  Where did those grands go!!
Nick got a pizza box with 'dough'!

Amber got a lot of travel items for her trip to Europe with Auntie during spring break!

My SIL got a new quillow from me!

I made it extra long for him!

My last post was about the Christmas gift I made for my son and daughter......
because Darrin had the flu and didn't come, my daughter got to open her book and box of memorabilia alone.  This was her looking through the her box of memorabilia... 
 AND the book

we both shed tears but I think she was happy with her book!  My son opened his Christmas Day...I know he was surprised that I kept so many of his 'papers'.  Both kids said "where did you  keep all these at?"  

And Kris (DIL) and Dawn got me an InstaPot!!!  And lots of essentials to go along with it!!!  I even got 3 cookbooks for recipes to make!  I am so excited but I need to see if I can stash it  in the car and take to Florida!  We pack every inch of the car so I am going to have to be very creative in my packing!  Stay tuned!  

Missed Darrin but it was a wonderful, fun filled afternoon/evening...we even played two different games that Nick suggested I get.  Every year I like to buy some game for us to play.  We even got grandpa to be the reader for The Game of Things..the other game we got was Exploding Kittens.  Both were fun to play...hope the kids play this winter!  But they might wait until grandma gets back in the spring!  HA  Which, as you are reading this, we'll be in the car heading south!!  Florida here we come!


  1. Quality Family time together enjoying the Blessings of Christmas and making Memories...Priceless. Safe Travels to Florida Dear...


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