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Monday, December 11, 2017

Just for my girls!

I made another batch of dog food for the 'girls''s cooked ground turkey, steamed carrots, zucchini, spinach (all chopped), brown rice and peas!  Girls love it!  They each get 1/4 cup along with 1/4 kibble twice a day.  I've been doing this since mid October and so far so good!

Kalee has had issues with pancreatitis and little Gigi has had several episodes of bile in the a.m.    I've had them both on kibble and some Hills ID canned food and episodes were down quite a bit.  But some friends of my sister posted this recipe they had started their large dogs on (one of them is in remission from cancer).   I thought I'd give it a try and so far so good!  I feel so much better feeding this to my dogs.  I'm still keeping on kibble for some of the vitamins until I can research what they need.

 There are so many books on cooking for your dog.  Who knew!  I did get one book from the library that I read but for the life of me I can't find the name of it!  It's not in my history list on the library web site and I just don't remember!  It had some good recipes but I'll keep researching.  

Until then!  The girls will just have to settle for 1/2 cup a day!  OH, and they each get a spoonful of baby oatmeal before they go to bed at night!  Vet suggested this so they have something in their tummy.  Do I love my girls or what!  HA   


  1. As if you aren’t busy enough!! But what love you are showing your two babies….. Kuddos!

  2. I had problems years ago with one of my Swissy boys like that. He would throw up bile in early mornings. I started giving a milk bone before bed time. The Basset’s have convoluted it to an 8oclock bone.......

  3. I used to cook dog food for our Cairn Terrier and it really seemed to help his skin flare ups, plus I enjoyed making it for him. Big batch, little dog so it didn't have to be done too often as I froze some of it. He loved it like your girls do. I'm glad it helps them. Baby oatmeal... that's a new one.


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