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Friday, December 15, 2017

First 'real' snow of 2017!

Yep, our first real snow has occurred this week!  We've had a dusting or two a few weeks ago but this week almost 8"!'s Michigan!!!

Dogs are lovin it!  Which really surprises me because Gigi doesn't like to get her feet wet but she loves the snow!  HA

So pretty!

Back of our house faces the woods which are beautiful in the winter

Hard to see the snow falling

My first dog area shoveling!

It is so least if you are able to sit inside and look outside!!!  HA  You can't tell in the pictures above how much snow is falling!  It was a lot!

  But soon we'll be in sunny Florida...although, my friends are telling me how cold it is in Ocala...only up to the mid 40's this week.  For me, that's perfect weather...with the Florida sun it feels more like 60...but that's still cold to those Floridians!  HA  Wimps! 


  1. As adorable as you look all bundled up….I’m sure you and your 4 legged pals are ready for FL!

  2. Love your scarf/hat. When you were getting your snowfall, we were getting about 6 inches, but I didn't know it. I got a 48 hour bug that actually DID last 48 hours so I slept through it all. When I finally got out of bed, Corey had shoveled the driveway and filled my birdfeeders. I didn't care if I saw that snowfall at all!
    xx, Carol

  3. Gosh you look so warm against all that snow! LOL We had that snow two weeks ago and I am thinking I would like a snow just once a year. McGee was the same way, he hates his feet wet on a rainy day, but he was all over that snow stuff!

  4. It looks like a winter wonderland, but I'm sure that Florida sun will feel good.

  5. Eight inches! I''m impressed and a little bit envious. Around here we call it a "real" snow if half an inch sticks to the ground, and the city and university shut down for the day if that happens.