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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A few chores finished!

I am making great progress...getting those projects slowly but surely finished!  The one 'big' project is all finished and wrapped!  Woo hoo!!!  And I finished my knitted cape/shawl/whatever!  In fact, I've worn it twice!  First time was this past Monday at our fiber meeting/luncheon.  
My buds: Carol, Mary, Me and Lois Ann
The gals liked it and when I wore it to dinner with Bob he liked it as well!  I don't have a picture of me wearing it...guess I need to do that!  Another item to put back on the list!  It looks really nice with a black turtle neck and black slacks!  My favorite non color!  HA

And I packed up my sewing supplies and art supplies for Florida.  I won't pack in the car until next Friday or Saturday.  I feel like I am missing something to pack!  Each year my stack gets smaller and smaller!!!
Art/dye supplies

Sewing supplies
This is a picture from 2015...see the difference!  I'm not taking my beading supplies or my acrylics...worse case, I'll have to buy supplies if I need them.  I have a t-shirt quilt to make which will take up most of my time this winter.

We don't leave until the 27th but I like to get the back seat/floor packed because that's where I put the dog crates...well, actually they go on the seat but I pack bags/boxes whatever to make a nice flat area across and over the whole seat.  This is our 14th year packing so I have this part down pat!  HA  

And I am taking my hex's with me to work on at night!  Love the fact, now that my knitted project is finished I've been stitching on these at night.  I did order some new needles so i can start another knitted scarf on our 2 1/2 day trip south!

Gifts are all wrapped and under the tree!!!  I am so excited about Christmas and gift giving this year!  You'll all see why after Christmas!  Shhhhhh  it's a secret!!!!!


  1. Yes, you do need to snap a photo wearing your cape! Your organizational skills (coordinating Christmas and preparation for your annual snow bird adventure) is quite impressive…...

  2. I was hopng to see you wearing your gorgeous grey sweater. Packed and organized and you are ready. Merry Christmas Dear...<3


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