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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Surprise Christmas Project

This is the big project I've worked on and off through the summer and fall....A family tree book of my children's fathers family for their Christmas present!   The past month I have uploaded 277 pictures.... I've researched both Jerome's (kids father) mother and father's sides of his family.  Thank goodness for Family Tree software and!
 What a journey/task this was...but also so interesting.  Dawn and Darrin are each getting a book and the pages are identical.  I also have some memorabilia I've saved that I put in some nice cases for each of them.  I've saved report cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, notes from my daughter...even my son's letter from the Marines releasing him from service because he broke vertebra in his back.  I know he will be shocked I kept that!  I have a letter my daughter wrote me in '84 when she went off to college!  So sweet!

Each book is organized starting with their dad's info/birth/schooling/etc.  Pages/sections are uploaded with pictures of his younger days, followed by our wedding, being a father, a hairdresser and then printouts of each side of his family tree starting with his father's side then his mother's side.

My daughter's front album cover

My son's front cover
Each page is on scrapbook paper that I decorated with little items purchased.  I had to make sure I purchased two of everything - remember each book is identical!  Talk about a production line!!!  But I am good at organization!  HA
Younger days

I found newspaper  clippings and his yearbook pics - he won a beard contest in 1960 when he was in college and won a shaver!  

Hairdresser days!

Being a father - I had 3 pages of pictures of Jerome with the  kids and I

Another page of being a dad

Some of my son's pages

Some of my daughter's pages
Just an example of one of the family tree info
This was quite a journey for me as well.  Looking back on Jerome's life, our life and the kids gave me time to reflect on life itself.  Jerome passed away in 2000 but he is still part of the kids life.  He and I remained friends after our divorce and I know that is what contributed to our kids being the great adults/parent/aunt they are today. We've always respected each other and we'll never forget "J".....


  1. This is an awesome project, both in the enormity of the project and the love that inspired you to create it. Bet you knocked the socks off your kids!
    Happy New Year.
    xx, Carol

  2. Awesome idea.
    Safe travels on your trip south.

  3. What a great gift! Be safe in your travels.

  4. What great memories you have assembled for each of the kids.

  5. What a wonderful gift- and such time and research you put into this. I'm sure they are beyond delighted to get this treasure.

  6. What a wonderful present and such a huge undertaking. I've kept all my children's report cards etc from school and was just going to give them in a box but your album idea is wonderful.

  7. What a wonderfully thoughtful gift. I can only imagine how much work this was—quite a labor of love.

  8. Robbie you have given the most Wonderful Gifts to your Son and Daughter. A real Labor of Love. A Mother’s Love knows no boundaries. <3

  9. What a wonderful gift to your children!