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Monday, December 18, 2017

Now you see you don't!

I was watching Design Matters TV and Linda Kemshall showed how she made a quilted wall pocket using an old quilt.  Well, you know how I enjoy cutting up my old quilts (now that my bud, Mary, showed me how easy it is to do this!) this was easy for me! 

I found this piece hanging in my sewing room and thought it would be perfect to cut up since it's small enough and there won't be much waste!  (because what would I do with the left overs! HA). 

And here is my finished wall pocket! 

My only dilemma is where to hang it!  HA  The colors don't go with any of my rooms so I'll have to think on it.  Or perhaps it will be a gift to someone...I sewed a D ring on the back so it hangs on the wall.  I didn't have any dried flowers so I just cut up some Eucalyptus!  Works for me!


  1. This is a cool project!! If the colors aren't yours, perhaps it will make a surprise gift for the one that gushes the most over it when you show it off!!
    xx, Carol

    Merry Christmas

  2. Wow....great......can you share how to make it?

  3. I like it! So much fun stuff to do with quilts and crafts.

  4. Huh! I love your wall pouch. I had no idea what one might be used for, but I can certainly get into flowers!

  5. Cool! I like it. For some reason I thought "hanging sleeve" when you said pocket. This could be a fun place to stick keys near a door. I have one or two or a dozen old quilted projects, I might have to look into how this is done.

  6. I really like your quilted wall pocket annd these colors are bright and cheerful. I might even try making one of these if you share your technique. Lovely Dear...<3

  7. Robbie, it has turned out so well! Love it! Laura x


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