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Friday, December 8, 2017

19 Days and Counting!

No, not 19 days until Christmas...19 days until we leave for Florida!  Yikes!  I am never ready to  leave our home or family or friends....that is until the cold wind/weather gets to me.  And, I have to admit, it's starting to get to me.  We had over 40 mph winds this past week and even today...temp was only a high of 27 degrees and windy!!!  Brrrrrrrrrrr

Wish I could show what else has taken up so much of my time this past month!  I'll be able to share after Christmas!!!  It has been a lot of work but I know it will be appreciated by the recipients!  How disappointed will I be if they aren't! 

 But I have been knitting at night on the Summer Night  pattern.  I'm using a tri color yarn of black and grays...and I hope to finish up this weekend. 

I also found these buttons but not sure which one I'll use...I like the solid color but.....we'll see once it's all stitched up!

This is the sample that was in the yarn shop.  It's not as long as the pic on the pattern web site.  I like it shorter, hence, what drew me to make this. 

So that's my story for now!  Looking forward to the weekend for wrapping Christmas gifts and doing some knitting! 


  1. That IS a cute poncho. Just enough to keep the chill off. We are forecast to receive about 6 inches of that white stuff this weekend. My little dog freezes, but he's still running with the big dogs while he shivers.
    xx, Carol

  2. Your knitting project is looking good, and I agree with Carol- just right for chilly days. My eye was drawn to the accent of the gray buttons- they are quite different. But either will accent it nicely. I know it's our common lament- but where the heck does the time go??? It just flies by.

  3. Seems like you just returned from FL…..what they say about time moving faster as we age sure is true. Happy to see your knitting project…..and that your wrist is able to endure the process!

  4. Love the Drops patterns! Working on one, too. Yours will turn out beautiful when finished.

  5. I love the gray yarn and pattern you are knitting. Happy Wrapping Dear...xo


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