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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This and that!

So Friday I met with the kids to celebrate Darrin's was fun to be with all the kids and grand kids.  Although, Nick and Amber wouldn't let me take their pics so I'm just showing Kris and Dawn!  (Bob was at home with 'the girls' and Jeff was out of town!).

And I am finally getting back to some of my art projects.  I'm working on a few BD fiber cards and trying to finish up the hand work on my texture piece for the online blog challenge. Pics to come later this week.
I also put up our Christmas decorations in the family room.  The kids are coming up for Thanksgiving so I like to have the house decorated as they can't be here for Christmas.  Hopefully, I'll have pics of art work forthcoming.  Until then, this is what I worked on yesterday (Lion's didn't play!).

And I gave little Gigi a bath...isn't she the cutest little thing!

She and Kalee play constantly and are becoming best buds!!



  1. The diversity of what keeps you busy is always astonishing to me…..esp. since you continue to produce the most wonderful art!!! As always I enjoy seeing what you are up to!

  2. Gigi and Kaylee are both such precious little fur-babies. Your son is very handsome and blessed to have you as his mom. How quickly Christmas will be here just paralyzes me. You are amazing at all you get done in such a short amount of time. Looking good on all fronts dear...


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