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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Winter Wonderland!

It's a winter wonderland!  Well, it is Michigan after all!!  Yesterday it was snowing when we got up a little after 7 a.m. and continued through the day and night! was beautiful and the dogs loved it!  Go figure!

These were our girls footprints around 9 Saturday morning.  Gigi loved the snow!  Who knew!

This was taken around 9 Saturday morning too.

Later in the afternoon.....

And this was around 5:30-6 p.m.  You can barely see our container on the deck!

We had to keep shoveling snow just so Kalee and Gigi could play!

It was beautiful out but I also missed Amber's Lacrosse game on Saturday.  I've yet to see her play since we were in Florida last spring when she first played. She's now participating in another Lacrosse group, outside of the school team.  It will be good experience for her and so far she seems to really enjoy playing.  Maybe in two weeks I'll get to see her play.  Until's shoveling snow, watching football (Sunday) and preparing my menu for the kids visit next weekend!  We're really looking forward to seeing all the kids.  Snow should be gone by then...let's hope!


  1. What a reminder about Midwest winters!!! Long, snow filled winters and summer mosquitoes are two things I don’t miss……..

  2. Glad we didn't get it although we are supposed to get the cold from it! It is always nice until after the holidays and then it wears thin very fast.

  3. Oh yikes- I'm glad you are still at the "it's so pretty" stage. But it is nice to have for the holiday season.

  4. Oh gosh, we got that too. About 7 inches and really freezing temps. Yesterday it was 13 degrees when I woke up. I was getting spoiled with the warmer than normal temps. Why oh why didn't my grandparents settle in the Southwest when they came over on the boat!!
    Happy Thanksgiving.


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