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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blah, blah, blah....

I know my life isn't really hard compared to so many I know...but this is my blog so I can complain if I want to!  I am just way too busy right now - as the saying goes:  too busy for pin curls!

I've posted on this saying before and I don't know what it means either!!!  I just know I'm busy, busy but with nothing to show!

Poor little Gigi's toe was doing better but then yesterday she was licking it and I saw it was bleeding again.  Grrrrrrr  So we are back to wearing socks or her collar again.  Poor little dog...makes me feel so bad.  Plus, she's now back to not wanting to walk on the wet grass again in the morning(s).'s almost as if we are back to the first month  we adopted this little sweetheart. daily dog training has been put on the back burner with the dogs...just because!  Our walks are quite short but are still needed just to get me/dogs moving. I'm out of the training mode other then trying to get the little on to walk on wet grass in the a.m. or night time!
The girls did get dressed up for Halloween!  Although, Gigi just wanted to bark at all the kids.  Kalee on the other hand just wanted to go see all the kids!!

I made a nice dinner (stuffed jalapeno peppers and cheese for appetizers; pork tenderloin/au gratin muffin potatoes/roasted vegetables/homemade applesauce/and homemade German chocolate cake for dessert!) for Bob's daughter and her hubby yesterday!  I've been trying to get them over  here since we got back from  Florida!  I bought this statue for Diane at an art fair this past spring and it's been at the house since we got home in May!

Isn't it a cute statue!  It's made of cement and weighs over 25lbs.!  It's a big bugger but I think he/she is adorable.  I think Diane liked her and hope she can enjoy it!

Today I went to the movies with my friend, Joan, to see The Intern.  A really cute movie and DeNiro was great, as usual.  Just a light, fun movie...just what I needed to refresh my psyche!!  I even did some dog lessons today with both Gigi and Kalee...simple collar grab and nose touches.  Hey, it's a start!!


  1. When I’m in a complaining mood……I choose to throw a pity party for myself…….though honestly, you aren’t complaining….just ‘stating the facts’………which can be challenging some days!

  2. Pet care is always consuming, especially when there's an issue like Gigi's! And you made all those homemade goodies for dinner on top of it all. Good you took time to get to a movie and relax a bit. Take care of yoursself, too. I've been sidelined for a few days with whatever cold is going around, and you don't want to wear yourself down! It'll cramp your style.

  3. Even daily tasks can eat up your day. A stop at the store for a minute turns into an hour when you run into friends. Walking the dogs...well the neighbors usually want to chat. The phone rings, yada yada yada. Too busy for pin curls indeed!!

  4. I don't think your complaining was very much. Life can throw us such twists and turns and sometimes we just need to step back and see a fun movie. Healing Energy for Gigi and may your days be all better right away.


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