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Friday, October 30, 2015

Life is tough!'s hard being Dog Whisperer, Minute Maid, Betty Crocker and fiber lady all in one!  Especially this week with being Dog Whisperer!  Gigi's toe took a bad turn on Monday with bleeding we were back to E Collar and a baby sock.

We're now back to just a baby sock when we walk (and when she sleeps!) or the collar if I'm playing Minute Main and Betty!  I can't watch her all the time and we don't want her licking or chewing her foot.  The 'quick' looks great again so keeping our fingers crossed it's on its way of healing!  WHEW!

 This is Gigi with her 'sock' on while she and Kalee were walking this a.m.  I let them 'sniff' for about 5-10 min. then they have to walk beside me.  I've actually made about 8 socks....just putting ties on baby socks so they hold up on her leg!

I did get BD fiber cards made but pics are on my camera so I'll post those later!  And I've starting working on our 'texture' challenge for the online group, Art Quilters Around the World'!  It's due November 31st so I need to get it finished...upcoming holidays and entertaining will keep me busy let alone having a project to do.  I also did some painting on the canvas roll I have to get started on my fiber Valentines.  Otherwise, I'm not doing anything!  HA


  1. Oh noooooo ….poor thing and poor you too for having to cope with the ongoing drama…...

  2. Poor Gigi! You've been ultra busy with all this. A friend told me about a soft, inflatable "collar" she bought at Pet Smart to use instead of the stiff lampshade collar generally used. Her little dog had to be kept from licking a sore area, too, and she found the soft collar accomplished the goal without being so large and unwieldy. Not sure what you've had, but maybe this is something that could help. Hope this heals up steadily.

  3. Every single time I read your posts I wonder where you get your energy!! You have lots of great things going on. I'm stuck in fall cleaning mode now that the windows are closed and the dust stays outside.
    Happy Halloween
    xx, Carol

  4. Yes, a lady of leisure you are...NOT. Poor Gigi and her toe...such a simple little thing can be so difficult. Thankfully you are a genuine Dog Whisperer and she knows how wonderfully you are taking care of her. May you have all the creative time you need for your projects. Healing Energy...


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