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Sunday, October 18, 2015

A week gone by??

I usually try to have a few posts scheduled so I don't have to create a post every day of my life...besides, I'm so busy sometimes I forget what I've done!  Hence, I have to post it immediately or I forget.  What can I say...the mind goes first!
Anyway, it's been busy around addition to dogs, grandson's football, hubby!,  I was able to attend Kathleen Andrew's lecture at our guild meeting on Friday!

 I met Kathleen many years ago at Davison Fabrics and both my daughter and I made one of her patterns at that time.  In fact, Dawn had the quilt hung above her fireplace for years!   This is the quilt!  I gave my away!

Kathleen's patterns are SO interesting and I was very impressed with her lecture!  She shared so many of her tips and tricks to creating her work.    I wasn't able to take her workshop on Saturday because it was Nick's last regular football game and Parent's Day (actually they won so now they are in the playoff's!).

I don't want to copy pics from Kathleen's web site so you have to check out her patterns and see her work on the home page as it scrolls through her quilts!  And she has free shipping!  That's an incentive right there!!!   I may have to indulge!  I haven't bought a pattern in so many years but I was certainly intrigued with what I saw on Friday.
Also, check out her lecture/workshop page...she just might be in your area for my friends/followers who live in Michigan.   And for those of you attending IQA Festival in Houston this month, Kathleen will have a booth there (both for market and the festival)!  Her 'shop' name is KwiltArt!  And tell her I sent you!


  1. Kathleen's quilts are mezmerizing and very gorgeous. I love Rising Star in those heartthrob blues. Congratulations to Nick for his team winning. You do find the most interesting projects. I must make the Box Pouch and a Star at least! Sunday Serenity...

  2. I took a claas from her at my local guild fifteen years ago. I never finished it for some reason. Gave the whole thing to somebody. I do love her stuff just not actually doing it!

  3. Very creative and unique looking quilts. Thanks for sharing.


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