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Friday, October 23, 2015

Just like children

Yep, our dogs are just like kids...hate when they get sick or last night little Gigi was coming back into the house from going potty and let out a yelp!  When I sat down I reached over to pick her up and saw blood all over!  WHAT!  This is what we found!

This isn't a tooth!  It was Gigi's back toenail!  Appears it got caught when she jumped to come into the house.  Poor baby!  The house on the other hand...carpet to be exact looked like a scene from CSI!  Blood everywhere!  And I mean everywhere!!!  What a mess...but, first things first...I rinsed off both Gigi's back feet, as I didn't know which foot was 'hurt'..since there was blood on both back feet!
 I had Bob hold her while I got the flashlight to see what happened.  That's when I saw she had lost the entire toenail and her quick was bleeding.  So, Nancy Nurse got her bandaged up and then it was time to start cleaning the carpet!
First, I sprayed with cold water and blotted up as much as I could then use Resolve carpet cleaner.  Worked like a charm!  You can't even tell where the body was...I mean where Gigi had walked!
Next up was taking her to the vets today making sure there wasn't any other damage.  They cleaned it up quite well and reapplied a new bandage, which she has to keep on for two more days.
She looks very sad her but actually she isn't.  You wouldn't know something was wrong with her...eating, wanting to play, jumping on furniture!  I do have her pain meds, just in case!   Poor little Gigi...she's had a rough life and this is just another something for her to put in her 'journal'!  I would prefer to write about happy events for now on!  Just sayin!


  1. Poor little baby...I got the chills just reading it....Hope she's feeling better and probably loving the extra attention.

  2. I hated to read this. Poor Pup. I have had to doctor a pet or two myself and it's so worrisome because you can't keep them quiet after you doctor the wound. Sometimes I think it bothers us more than it does them. Tyson breaks his nails...really splits them. Hope I never have to deal with one that has actully pulled out.

  3. Oh, ow! Poor little Gigi. I bet it's tender. And I can see how it needs to be covered to keep clean. Hope it heals quickly. Lots of work for you with the carpet!

  4. Oh dear we do feel so bad when our fur-babies are not feeling well or get hurt. Thankfully you were able to take good care of her and then the carpet. Gigi is using her superpowers to get more attention and treats. They are very smart against us mere humans. Healing Energy for Gigi...

  5. Poor kid! I'm glad it wasn't broken so you might have had to cut it off, that would have been even more traumatic.


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